I’m not your friend, your lover, your wife, your whore, your therapist or your mother (but I might be your mommy in the right circumstances.)

I am your dominatrix. I am a break from the monotonous and oppressive confines that may be your reality and that may define or be a natural byproduct of some of the relationships mentioned above. I am an opportunity to live a fantasy that the rest of the world may not understand or know how to facilitate. Many relationships one acquires throughout life can be fulfilling and a fundamental part of your development as a person. The interaction that you and I will have is very different from what goes on in those relationships and can prepare you to meet the world and the people in it as a fuller less fearful  individual. People have come to me over the 6 plus years I’ve been doing this with different requests. You want me to be in specific clothing, leather/ latex, boots, heels, stockings; an image of a woman you’ve only been  able to fantasize about in your minds. Or you want to be physically tortured by me, you want to be bound and completely controlled with no choices of your own, you want to be dressed and fucked like a woman, you want to suck cocks and feel slutty and humiliated in ways that could never happen without me or practitioners like me. In a world we’ve created for you. You may feel a yearning for these things or some combination of them and that’s why you’re here. Some may think it’s very simple I don’t care about you I’m just here to humiliate or degrade or inflict pain this is partially true, I will do those things if that’s what you are interested in because they interest me as well. However, I care about you. Not in the way your mother does or lover friend etc. but when you are under my care my primary concerns are safety cleanliness and fulfillment of my desires and yours. It’s this symbiotic relationship that I have found to be the most fulfilling and in a sense productive. I have spent years cultivating my skill set, I can now express this to the best of my ability because I enjoy you. I enjoy what I have to give you. You read through these sections looking for a deeper insight into who I am and what I have to offer. who I am is many things some of which have nothing to do with you. Who I am to you is someone who will always keep you safe someone you can share specific interests with and someone who celebrates you for the freak that you are. I have a careful screening process for this and If I do not think we will be compatible I will not book the session.

    There’s room in my world for several different types of clients: if you love to be bound in ropes, metal and leather bondage, mummification, Gagged, hooded If that gives you a sense of being able to surrender control to me and you enjoy the balance of feeling safe and possibly scared but taken care of in that space. If you just want to be still for a few moments where no one else can touch you but me then we are a good match

If you respect women so much that sometimes you just need to be one, you love to be a slut and surrendering to me and my perversions completely, then we are a good match.

If you want to take pain from me and be pushed to your limits, play with the edge in a safe and controlled space, if you want to allow me to take you into subspace through my single tails, snake whips, canes, floggers and good old fashioned OTK, if you want to throb for me then we are a good match.

If you want to be trained to be a perfect servant dressed to a T, every detail accounted for every protocol learned and etched into your brain and you completely understand that has nothing to do with eating my pussy ever then we are a great match.

If you want to have your orgasms controlled your cock caged and your mind teased and tortured by me then we are a good match.

Or are you simply bored of conventional interactions? do you only have heterosexual missionary sex in delegated gender roles once a month (or less) do you only cum into a tissue by yourself? You have no idea what you want but some things I’ve mentioned sound interesting? Then I can help you explore what you’ve really been craving. I enjoy working with novices because I get to utilize my intuitive nature to help you.

I’ve had a lot of experiences in the BDSM world I feel they’ve taken me down a path of my own self-discovery as a dominant woman. They have shown me what I can actually do for you and experience with you. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to be able to hone the skills I gravitate to naturally. I appreciate all of your interest and fascination with them. You have the opportunity to excite me, to make me happy, to serve me and in return you will get from me what you cannot get from anyone else.